Photofinder.co.uk is an independent Stock Photo provider platform

Here we are a little bit different.

No doubt you have uploaded photos to major photo/microstock websites which have been perfectly useable yet refused by their automated software.

"It's out of focus" - of course you used a bokeh effect to blur the background Cool


So, we manually verify every photo on our platform. (Hence it may take a little longer to be approved)

However, as you will see the photos we have will be a little bit more unique and in many cases slightly less polished, but ideal for our customers to take into their photo editting software like Adobe Photo Shop and apply their own crops, masks and filters to achieve their desired effect.

We keep our own internal photos (photos taken by Photofinder) at a low low...very very cheap price of just £0.30p to encourage a high volume of low ticket sales, which works very well for our business model and encourages repeat purchases and new buyers and audiences for our photographers.

However, you can set your own pricing structure if you photography is of sufficiently high quality/demand.

We established the Photofinder website in 2020 and will continually grow it with your support, please feel free to CONTACT US with any suggestions or issues.





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